How simulation is transforming factory design

Presented by: Elettric 80 Inc

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About This DemoAbout This Demo

A strategic, dynamic analysis tool developed by Elettric80 and BEMA to transform customers’ factories into industry 4.0. What’s the main advantage? The opportunity to determine the optimal intralogistics solutions from the very beginning. “We commit” is more than a slogan. HIGHLIGHTS – CUSTOMER BENEFITS: — SmartDesigner allows us to evaluate and verify the performance of an entire project and to offer guarantees for the project's lifetime that we are prepared to write into the contract. We do not ensure the efficiency of just one machine; we offer the certainty of an integrated and automated solution. — SmartDesigner is essential in making the right choice and in achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Simulating and comparing different functioning scenarios allows us to save valuable time in the project engineering stage by identifying and resolving criticalities early. — SmartDesigner lets us experiment in a protected environment, safely and without risks, well before any investment is machinery is made and, more importantly, without impacting daily operations. The advantages extend well beyond the project design phase too: SmartDesigner can be used again in future to test subsequent modifications to the plant.


Chiara Amore

System Analyst Manager at Elettric80 inc