Addressing the Environment, ‘Our ranges for Sustainable Hot Melt Adhesives'

Presented by: Colquimica Adhesives, Inc.

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Colquimica Adhesives is very committed to Creating Sustainable Adhesive solutions for several markets. This way we want to introduce a new generation of adhesives, our new sustainable range of products. These hot melt adhesives are developed to help in the protection of valuable resources while offering the same quality that our partners expect from us. This is a range of products formulated with bio-based materials; it represents our solution towards eco-friendly adhesives, continuously less dependent on highly pollutive fossil-based raw materials. The sustainability of this adhesive has been verified and it has been awarded with certification of bio based content according to ISO 16620 norm. Come and join us to learn more about Colquimica Adhesives' solutions. Teams meeting:


Cristina Frutuoso

R&D Manager at Colquimica Adhesives Inc