Space Saving Invert Mount Column Lift

Presented by: Custom Powder Systems. The Containment Company

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Problem Solvers Look Upside Down for an Innovative Solution The first solution was too big. The second solution was in the way. The third solution lacked precision. Solution #4 and #5 didn’t fit the bill either. The problem was a column lift in a less-than-ideal space. It needed to be out of the way when not in use, but permanently in place to accommodate precision connections. Every other engineer said it couldn’t be done. But Custom Powder turned the whole idea on its head. Column lifts go up and why couldn’t they also go down and up? Instead of mounting it to the floor where it would take up too much space and block workflow, Custom Powder turned a column lift upside down and mounted to the ceiling. When it’s not in use, the lift tucks away in the ceiling and stays completely out of the way. While this solution might seem “obvious” after it’s described, it was more than just mechanical acrobatics. Ceilings are filled with immovable ductwork and conduit, so the engineering team at Custom Powder helped coordinate the logistics of where and how this could be installed. But there was another challenge presented: Because of demand, this customer needed it eight weeks sooner than originally planned. The new deadline meant even more logistical planning, weekend working, and well-choreographed teamwork. It all came together. The result wasn’t just a happy client, but the creation of a new Inverted Mount Column Lift. It’s a solution that didn’t exist before the challenge was brought to Custom Powder, but it’s now added to the long list of the custom solutions they’ve been known for since 2005.


Scott Heffern

Sr. VP of Products at Custom Powder Sytems, LLC