Horizontal Flow Wrapping with product handling - the whole package

Presented by: BW Flexible Systems

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Nowadays we need choice and flexibility in a neat package. BW Flexible Systems Flow Wrappers are the preferred choice from small start-ups to large companies with high-speed requirements. Our horizontal flow wrappers produce the best seals, wrapping and packaging for a wide variety of applications, including difficult-to-handle products. Looking for extreme flexibility? The Schib CO50 family of machines are optimized to deliver flexibility and dependability. These machines are suited for a wide range of food and non-food products, both for single pack or multi-packing. The newly updated CO90 horizontal flow wrapper which can be configured as a stand-alone machine or for integration into a completely automated packaging system with automatic feeders and product handling devices will be featured during our live demo on Tuesday. Explore our latest hygienic design and automation integration with our multi-belt feeder. Flow wrapping with options! Perfect for: food, bakery, bars, confectionery, produce, snacks, personal care, medical and pharmaceutical, household products, cutlery, industrial products, and more!


Margaret Valinski

HFFS NA Sales Leader at BW Flexible Systems