Increase Uptime with New Super Seal™ Cap Sealer

Presented by: Enercon Industries Corporation

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About This DemoAbout This Demo

You’re invited to see the newest innovation in induction sealing technology. The new Super Seal™ builds upon the design of the world’s most popular & reliable induction cap sealer with the addition of all-new features. For the first time ever, advanced inspection & cost effective rejection options are available in a base level production line cap sealer. Learn about features like integrated stalled bottle detection which automatically turns off the sealer in the event of a stalled bottle under the sealing head. Check out Enercon’s full arsenal of powerful sealing heads and how the system’s upgraded interface provides operators with more critical information than ever before. The new Super Seal™ is built for reliably creating hermetic seals that prevent leaks, preserve freshness and provide tamper evidence. Get your chance to win an Enercon YETI tumbler when you join us for a live demo featuring the new Super Seal™ induction cap sealer.


Ryan Schuelke

Vice President - Sales at Enercon Industries