Learn How to Save Time & Money with a Clamshell Lap Splicer

Presented by: Quantum Design Inc.

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About This DemoAbout This Demo

Keep packaging lines rolling with a Clamshell Lap Splicer offering the flexibility, ease of use & reliability needed for now and the future. This demo will give you a close up into how the CTC Clamshell splicer allows the operator to prep the next roll while the current roll is running. In addition, check out the CTC 800C Unwind Tension Compensator and learn how this basic, mechanical servo mechanism controls unwind tension on rolls of film, foil, paper, tape, wire and other similar materials. Finally, get a glimpse at a CTC Splicer Mechanism and see an economical alternative to buying a complete Automatic Splicer.


Steve Reynolds

Regional Sales manager at Quantum Design Inc