Automation solutions for ”Today”

Presented by: BW Integrated Systems

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In a world where finding and keeping qualified people, employee safety, and social distancing is a chief concern, automation is key. Streamfeeder’s friction feeders, denesters, placers and transports will help you alleviate bottle necks caused by manual labor, reallocate resources, and maintain safe social distancing. Let Streamfeeder show you our automation solutions for inserting/dispensing, kitting, denesting, placing, affixing, and off-line systems for printing and labeling. Streamfeeder’s latest innovations feature Wi-fi connectivity allowing a user to control feeders and access data remotely through an app. Why is this important? The ability to generate reports, set maintenance alarms, store jobs in a library, and access and set controls wirelessly allows users and management instant intelligence. Operators are able to capture real-time data to monitor production, create analysis reports, and maintenance schedules while management profits by having the ability to make informed decisions about capital equipment expenditures and profitability improvements on the fly. When connected to an FTP site, real time production data and reports are viewable on almost any compatible device globally.


Doug Schulz

National Sales Manager at BWIS - Streamfeeder