New Product Launch - Conquer Your Palletizing Needs

Presented by: BW Integrated Systems

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About This DemoAbout This Demo

BW Integrated Systems is excited to announce the arrival of our newest palletizer, Maximus. For over 50 years, BW Integrated Systems has been a market leader in Palletizing for a variety of industries. Our diverse army of Palletizing solutions includes high speed, high-level Palletizing and flexible robotic systems. In recent years, our clients have asked us for smaller footprint, more flexible high-level solutions and at last, we have heeded their call. Meet the newest champion in our Palletizing arsenal...Maximus. Designed by some of the leading Palletizing minds in North America, we fully expect Maximus to “conquer” the 30-70 cases per minute Palletizing market.


Earl Wohlrab

Director, Product Strategy & Innovation at BW Integrated Systems