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About ITP USA Inc.

How to meet the demands from the food market for protection and safety, and at the same time have a low impact to the environment? The innovation developed in recent years by the italian ITP's R&D team for a green world speaks for itself. It is a real rainbow Revolution that involves flexible films. PackRevolution, the new ITP brand, refers to packaging films that have a very low impact on our environment in terms of CO2. The revolutionary concept of sustainability arises from the use of raw materials from renewable sources, from the use of industrial and post-consumer waste, from the possibility of 100% recycling of the packaging after its use, from the reduction of thicknesses and from certified compostability. 

ITP USA Inc., the New Jersey branch of the family company based in Milan since 1973, provides films for food and beverage applications as well as hygiene and surface protection. Alongside, a cross-cutting help to its customers, with fine-tuning of the film on the packaging machine, with help on legislative requirements to be observed, and suitability requirements due to contact with the food product. 

The PE monofilm project for bags or tray tops, has led to the Cyclos certification for reciclability.

The innovation in the packaged meat sector with Paper G project, has eliminated up to 80% of plastic by replacing traditional trays with cardboard.

Even the packaging of sausages today benefits from an innovative packaging: the film for thermoforming in vacuum application has a new simplified and fully recyclable structure. 

The Pack Revolution range is completed by solutions of coextruded films in PP, barrier, low sealing and antifog, for lamination to BOPP. So that high thermal resistant monomaterial structures are totally recycliable. 

Attend our live demos on Monday 9th and Friday 13th November, to get more info on Innovative Flexible Packaging Films!


How can packers choose the correct "green packaging" for their foodstuffs? Performaces and Certifications are important.

Given the same performances, ITP is engaged in easing the end of life of its flexible films. How?

Reducing the thickness of its films for packaging; manufacturing compostable films, which turn into a resource after use through the composting production process; focusing on single polyethylene packaging, instead of the plastix mix which is not recyclable; promoting thermal lamination, instead of the standard lamination with glues; using recycled raw material for the production of its flexible films for packaging.

Ask for samples and try the performances of ITP USA's films on your packaging machine

sales@itpusa.us https://www.packrevolution.com/index.php/en/

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