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About Cold Pressure Council

What is the Cold Pressure Council?

The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) leads, facilitates and promotes industry standardization, user education and consumer awareness of High Pressure Processing (HPP). Convened by PMMI, The Association for Packaging & Processing Technologies, the council addresses questions about HPP while developing and formalizing industry best practices. CPC also promotes networking among professionals using this processing technology. Members are offered a wide range of benefits including marketing promotions, access to business resources, exclusive use of the CPC logo and much more. 

Visit the CPC Website for more information!


Do You Use High Pressure Processing?

The High Pressure Certification Program is a non-profit created by a number of food and beverage industry leaders who work to provide better, healthier food options to today's consumers. Eligible CPC members can use the "High Pressure Certified" certification mark to help identify the benefits delivered by HPP. Consumers will recognize the value of the products that carry the certification mark - use it with pride. 

Learn more about the High Pressure Certified mark!


Looking for Products That Use HPP?

You can search for products that are High Pressure Certified by product and supplier. Just visit our public facing database of High Pressure Certified products. 



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