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About Clysar, LLC

Are you in need of more “uptime” in your production shrink packaging lines?  Do you have technical service issues with your current film supplier?  Do you need help in meeting retail mandates to utilize more environmentally friendly packaging?

Clysar Shrink Film is able to solve those and other issues to give you secure, clear packages and less production down time.

Clysar concentrates on one thing and one thing only: high-performance shrink packaging. That makes us the industry’s only shrink film manufacturer focused exclusively on your shrink packaging needs.  

We offer packaging solutions for people, products and planet: 

Clysar, LLC manufactures high-performance polyolefin shrink films for a wide variety of packaging applications, including sustainable films that are recyclable through How2Recylce Store Drop Off.  Clysar® Shrink Film is the only shrink film that is produced exclusively in the United States using domestically sourced resin and materials. This significantly reduces your supply risk, shortens response time and lowers your carbon footprint.

With Clysar, you’ll find an unmatched depth of shrink film products and application expertise to meet your targeted objectives of better looking packages, more secure products and more “up time” on your production lines.  

Our films are backed by expert technical service representatives that can assist with troubleshooting issues. 

Sign up for our demo’s to learn about our industry-leading recyclable shrink films that meet the How2Recycle Store Drop Off label requirements, how US-made Clysar Shrink Film reduces your down time on packaging lines and how Clysar’s Shrink Film is answering the needs to protect both product and consumer.  

The Clysar product line includes a complete portfolio of distinctly different and innovative films including: Clysar® EVO™ and Clysar® EVOX™ recyclable Shrink Films, Clysar® PHOENIX™ Premium Shrink Film, Clysar® All-Purpose HP Gold Films, Clysar® Anti-Fog AFG Films, Clysar® High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Films, Clysar® Low Shrink Force LE Gold Films, Clysar® HPG Confidential Films, Clysar® Thin LTC All-Purpose Film, Clysar® "Wrap Anything" ABL Films and Clysar® Printed Shrink Films.

Clysar® Shrink Films are the clearest, strongest, most brilliant display films in the packaging industry, produced and certified to critical quality, government and industry association standards.

• ISO 9001:2015 certified quality• FDA/USDA approved packaging• FSSC 22000 food safety certified.

Learn more about protecting your products and creating more environmentally friendly packaging by attending our demos. 

You can find our demo times and chat with our team of shrink experts...just add Clysar to your Show Planner and we will get started! 


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From consumer goods companies to materials manufacturers, people are coming together to create more sustainable packaging. Clysar is proud to be part of this important work.

We are pursuing shrink packaging solutions that keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment…creating a sustained advantage for us all.

Partnering with leading environmental organizations like the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and How2Recycle®, we have developed responsible, safe polyolefin shrink films for demanding packaging applications. And we continue to explore efficient, lightweight alternatives, which comprise 1% to 2% of all packaging volume. These solutions are aligned to meet today’s retail packaging and labeling mandates and your corporate sustainability goals, including exciting new recyclable shrink films that are prequalified for the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off Label. 

We also rise to the demand for more responsible, regulated sources of supply: our films are produced in Clinton, Iowa, under strict corporate social responsibility guidelines.



  • Clysar AFG
  • Clysar EVO/EVOX
  • Clysar HPG/HPG Confidential
  • Clysar PHOENIX
  • Clysar Shrinkbox

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