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About Dukane IAS, LLC

Are you looking for package sealing technology that reduces downtime, eliminates wastage, seals through product residue without contaminating your packaged products, and provides strong and consistent seals that do not burst open during shipment?

If yes! Then consider Ultrasonic Sealing for your packaging processes. Ultrasonic sealing occurs when high-frequency mechanical energy is transferred into two or more layers of thermoplastic materials. A strong, reliable molecular bond is formed between the layers.  Nearly all packaging materials and laminates, with a thermoplastic sealing layer or coating, are suitable for the ultrasonic sealing (welding) process. Both hermetic and peel-able seals can be achieved with ultrasonic sealing systems.

Why Ultrasonic Sealing?

• Ultrasonic sealing joins the package without transferring heat, protecting heat sensitive products. It seals through most residual product from the filling process while still providing a strong hermetic seal. 
• Localized and consistent ultrasonic energy easily seals layers of materials that require higher temperatures to melt making it possible to eliminate the polyethylene seal layer from your packages
• Lower the cost of ownership in comparison to heat sealing with higher throughput and no wastage of packaging material or packaged products at the start and stop of the cycle. Integrate ultrasonic sealing technology on your HFFS or VFFS machine and take your packaging process to the next level
• Eliminate the need to bag or remove sealing units in a wash down packaging environment when cleaning and save valuable production time with the full wash-down capability our ultrasonic technology, No bagging or removal necessary!
• No damage from high-pressure chemical wash down and high temperatures when using our ultrasonic sealing equipment designed to meet IP 67 Standards 

Why Dukane?

• High-power rotary ultrasonic system Soniseal™ WD Series, designed specifically for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments where wash-down of equipment is practiced
• Soniseal™ 40 UL series of rotary ultrasonic sealing offers maximum seal consistency and control in a high speed all in a compact, yet reasonable cost package designed specifically for flow wrapper, VFFS, and HFFS machinery. You can achieve both continuous motion and intermittent motion sealing for maximum process flexibility
• Rigid ultrasonic horns and automation-ready probe systems designed for pouches, blisters or clamshells, fitment insertion and cap sealing
• Simple installation of iQ RAM (Rigid Acoustical Module), for vertical form filling machinery you can seal through product residues, get a faster cycle, less material consumption, and strong seals
• Sealed transducer & titanium horns are ideal for wash down environments
• Automation ready iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator for fast, repeatable, clean, and consistent sealing. It can be used with all major packaging applications like- film welding, cap sealing, fitment welding, spout sealing, tube sealing, zipper crush/stop sealing, blister sealing, and ultrasonic food cutting applications 
• Patented technology and years of process experience enable us to work closely with our customers to provide solutions that increase their productivity, reduce costs, are more sustainable, and enable new capabilities for them.
Please visit our virtual showroom to learn quick tips and tricks of ultrasonic package sealing and more about our latest technology by attending our live demos.

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  • iQ Series Ultrasonic Generators
  • Soniseal Rotary Unltrasonic Technology

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