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About Sesotec Inc.

For food companies, food safety is a central critical issue in designing their processes in a way to comply with food safety guidelines, to protect their brand and to save resources for higher profitability and higher sustainability. While the requirements in food safety standards are ever increasing, companies need a reliable partner that helps them with both, high-tech and sustainable equipment for Product Inspection and the necessary support in setting up and maintaining their related internal processes.

Driving Impact
Safe food and saving food

As the global demand for food rises, so do the responsibilities of the food industry. Safe and efficient food production practices are crucial to the health of both humanity and the planet.

Our intelligent technologies and services help food industry companies profitably manufacture safe products and reduce food waste. Compliant. Sustainable. Efficient.

Since 1976, we have collaborated closely with customers all over the world to develop and build high-tech systems for foreign object detection and checkweighing in a wide range of applications.

Our technologies include:

  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Metal Detectors
  • Checkweighers
  • Magnetic Separation.

Through our efforts, we are able to support our customers in the manufacture of high-quality products with maximum added value and minimal resource waste. Worldwide. Tailor-made. Reliable.

In our business practices we value the following principles to support our customers in solving their needs and helping them to make sustainable business models more profitable: Collaboration, Simplification and Innovation.

With headquarters in Germany, Sesotec is represented by a total of 7 international subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Italy, China, Singapore, Thailand and India, as well as by over 60 partners in all of the world's most important markets.


At Pack Expo Connects, we are going to show our newest innovations for higher food safety and less food waste. 

THiNK - Metal Detection with Artificial Intelligence

NEXWEY - All the weighing data you need, when you need it and how you need it

PMMI Member


Safe food and saving food – Come one step closer to sustainability with innovative technologies

Sustainable business practices and resource conservation are two of the cornerstones of Sesotec’s corporate philosophy. Among the future challenges that motivate us is the need to ensure food safety and security for a rapidly growing global population.

Sesotec offers solutions for physical contaminant detection, material sorting and analysis for food industry businesses looking to minimize food waste while simultaneously improving productivity, profitability, and product quality.

“THiNK,” the latest innovation from the Sesotec headquarters, is an metal detection system equipped with artificial intelligence. AI enables THiNK to understand variations in the signals emitted from the products it inspects, thus creating a digital fingerprint of the product. This makes it possible to distinguish between the product and metal contaminants with significantly greater accuracy. Even with higher sensitivity, THiNK can help to reduce false rejects and the food waste they entail.

THiNK AI is the tool of choice for food processors and manufacturers who are looking to equip their facilities for the future. With innovative solutions, high-quality production can reap benefits for humanity, the environment, and industry.


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