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About Shurtape Technologies, LLC

Solving Packaging Problems, Case by Case: Shurtape’s Unique Solution to Increasing Efficiency.

With over 135 years in the box closing business, Shurtape continues to engineer its packaging solutions to address common case sealing issues – downtime, material waste, personal injuries, product damage, and more – and deliver the consistent, reliable and secure seals you demand.

We offer a variety of hot melt and acrylic packaging tapes for manual and automated case sealing applications, in addition to water activated and strapping tapes. To enhance your packaging lines, we also offer ShurSEAL® Packaging Solutions, manual and automated case sealing technologies that combine our HP Series packaging tape, offering Good to the Core® performance, with innovative tape application equipment, including Folded Edge® Technology, to deliver secure, tamper-evident seals.

No matter the application or environment, we’ve got a packaging solution to keep you working at peak production.

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From innovations in primary packaging design to efficient solutions for secondary packaging, the packaging industry always has its eye on improvement. Of all the issues that influence evolution and innovation in packaging, sustainability continually rises to the top of any conversation on the future of packaging. 

At Shurtape, we consider sustainability in packaging from several different perspectives – and work to support the market’s needs, no matter the application:

Source Reduction

The first step on the path to creating less waste is consuming fewer resources. This is as true on the packaging line as anywhere else in production.


While reducing packaging weight can be a form of source reduction as well as a strategy for reducing the carbon footprint attached to shipping, there are examples of lightweighting going too far: containers that are perceived as flimsy by the customer as well as those that replace heavier reusable materials with lighter ones that are 100% waste. Like any other strategy, lightweighting must take performance into account.

When it comes to case sealing, the first impulse to ensure reliable performance is to use the heaviest gauge tape in the widest width available. But in reality, with the right tape application technology, superior performance for secondary packaging can be achieved with a thinner gauge, narrower tape.       


Rightsizing secondary packaging is essential to reducing waste, shrinking the carbon footprint and also reducing the cost of transportation and warehousing. Rightsizing the tape to the application for the best performing seal adds to those costs, carbon footprint and waste reductions.

For example, shortening the tab length by one inch without compromising the seal strength results in four inches of tape saved on every single box coming off the line. Multiply that by the number of boxes per week – per month – per year – and there’s a significant source reduction – not to mention cost.

Like lightweighting, effective rightsizing starts with getting experts in secondary packaging onto the floor to perform a continuous improvement evaluation. A complete analysis of your application system and the tapes used in it will determine whether there are efficiencies to be achieved by making changes to your case sealing solution.      

Adhesive formulation for recycled cartons

Changing the composition of corrugated boxes to reduce environmental impact fundamentally changes the interaction between tape and box. Virgin kraft surfaces are highly porous, allowing more opportunity for a tape’s adhesive to bond with the box material. As recycled content increases, the box surface becomes less porous, making it significantly more difficult for tape to bond. The evolution of boxes to include more recycled content or more rapidly renewable materials requires tape manufacturers to constantly be evaluating, testing and formulating new adhesives designed to form a strong, reliable bond with a smoother surface. The R&D team at Shurtape has created a packaging tape solution specifically for high recycled content substrates – including up to 100% recycled.


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