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About Iconotech

For more than 25 years Iconotech’s OptiFlex printing process has provided packagers with simple, fast and flexible printing systems for batch printing corrugated cases, die cuts and multi-wall kraft bags. The cost savings generated by the OptiFlex process can be very substantial thanks to several key features: Users have total control of graphics, barcodes and text on every print job. Changes are quick and simple - no plate costs or lead times. Consolidating SKUs into common case sizes drives down the cost of corrugated. Using generic cases eliminates scrap and obsolescence. Printing systems give years of service with minimal maintenance.

OptiFlex is a direct contact printing process using a nontoxic, pigmented ink and a very thin, disposable fiber-backed Mylar film as a “print plate.” Print layouts take minutes to create and changes take seconds in standard labeling software. Layouts are output to a thermal imager to produce a high definition print stencil that provides a large 11” x 32” (280mm x 812mm) print field accommodating graphics, barcodes, logos, and product information. Precise contact between the thin print medium and the substrate combined with the non-fade, opaque ink renders outstanding print. Users get a preprint look and a superior choice to flexography for short to medium runs of 10,000 cases/bags or less with a maximum print output of 3600 RSC cases/hour.

All Iconotech printers use the same OptiFlex process. Users can start with an entry level machine, choosing a feeding system appropriate for their throughput and print media – RSC cases, die cuts, trays or kraft multi-wall gusset or valve bags – and add the appropriate material handling components they need for maximum efficiency and productivity. Iconotech’s OptiFlex process and equipment puts control back in the manufacturer’s hands providing them with the advantages of flexography but at an enormous savings for small to medium batch runs.


Iconotech & Sustainability The Iconotech printing process is sustainable in a variety of ways. When compared to pre-printed SKU inventories, the sustainability stacks up quickly. Pre-printed corrugated inventories are by their very nature, bloated and require management and storage. Ordering individual SKU’s based on speculative production forecasts means thousands of cartons per SKU and thousands of deliveries. Pre-printed inventories also have a high rate of obsolesce due to changes in print message and high scrap rates because ageing inventories will cause problems on the production line equipment due to bowing, warping and mishandling. This puts more in the waste stream and requires more deliveries to haul them away and replace them. Every delivery mad, every forklift driven around the warehouse, has a carbon footprint and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Generic inventories, printed in-house and just-in-time, by their nature are ordered on a historical schedule of production in larger quantities delivered less frequently. There is significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gases. Less management, forklifts, light and heat further contribute. Most pre-print is printed with the Flexographic printing process which by its very nature involves open ink reservoirs, toxic inks, solvents and massive cleanup efforts with regards to the printing plates. That alone has sizable environmental impact. By contrast, the Iconotech system uses a completely self-contained inking system that uses a non-toxic, oil-in-water emulsion ink and a disposable Mylar stencil that is discarded into the normal waste removal when the print run is over. Clean up when necessary, uses common household orange cleaners. This is sustainable.

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