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About Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC

Looking for the lowest total cost of ownership and highest quality packaging automation solutions available for food, medical device, and other non-food producers? Customers seeking to prototype, design, build, implement and maintain packaging automation solutions have relied on Harpak-ULMA for over 40 years. We can help you navigate today’s complex, rapidly changing packaging landscape; balancing cost and functionality with innovative or emerging processes, materials, and advanced technologies that enhance profitability and improve market performance of primary and secondary packaging operations. Our full-service solutions address installation, training, spare parts, service and customer support.

Our capabilities span robotics and automation, thermoforming, tray sealing, filling, flow pack, stretch, blister, skin pack, and vacuum. Every smart, connected G. Mondini and ULMA packaging platform utilizes Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture to reduce solution complexity and maintenance costs, while realizing better quality, capacity, and throughput. 

That integrated architecture is part of our multi-tier, multi-year vision of digital transformation. The convergence of physical and cyber worlds impacts every aspect of society. Packaging is no different. We’ve established the smart, connected automation foundation. Integrating augmented reality tools for training and maintenance workflows, incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and providing predictive analytics and performance benchmarking round out our vision. It all lets us leverage data to enhance your operation and realize greater productivity and efficiency. 

We are focused on the environment, aiming to help you meet demand while being conscious of the environmental impact. Across our thermoforming, tray sealing and flow wrapping lines, we have sustainable packaging options reducing plastic, using thinner gauge films, optimizing package size, reducing film scrap, and using alternative materials like paperboard, cellulose, bio-based plastic, and even biodegradable plastics. Our PaperSeal™ tray from G.Mondini, formed on Trave® tray sealers, replaces MAP and vacuum skin plastic trays with pre-cut flat cardboard, formed and lined with a thin plastic barrier, which is easy to separate for recycling.

Our customers rely on us to help them optimize their overall packaging investment: Not just because we help them solve tactical production concerns with comprehensive flexible, and efficient systems, but by helping them strategize how to tackle todays’ most complex packaging topics; such as sustainability, eCommerce, robotics and digital transformation. 

Be sure not to miss our demonstrations on thermoforming versatility, synchronizing a full suite of automation capabilities, G. Mondini tray sealers and OEE, and Flow-Vac® vacuum bagging technology.

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