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About SACMI Packaging & Chocolate SPA

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate (the rebranding of the traditional Carle&Montanari-OPM and CMFIMA) will be present here at Pack Expo Connect to present the latest innovations in terms of chocolate processing and moulding, wrapping, primary and secondary packaging.

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate can boast over 110 years of experience in - and an in-depth knowledge of - the chocolate production and packaging industry. This is thanks to the extensive know-how, heritage and skills of its historic brands, Carle & Montanari (founded in 1907), OPM and FIMA.

SACMI is, today, the only company in the world able to offer, through its solidly established brands, machines and complete lines for the preparation and moulding of chocolate, wrapping of all types of cocoa and candy products, flow-packaging and secondary packaging solutions for food (bakery, biscuits, bars, pasta, coffee and tea, frozen foods) and non food products (pharma, petfood, home & personal care).


  • Carle&Montanari
  • FIMA
  • OPM

Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Food > Bakery/Snack
  • Food > Confection/Candy
  • Food > Pet Food/Pet Care
  • Healthcare > Pharmaceutical
  • Household/Automotive > Detergents/cleaners
  • Household/Automotive > Household/auto chemicals
  • Other packaged products > Pet Food/Pet Care

Languages Spoken

English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Export Guide

Exports: Yes

Marketed Regions:

  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Central and South Asia
  • Eastern and Southeast Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Northern Africa
  • Oceania Pacific
  • South America
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Europe

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