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About Siemens Digital Industries US

Siemens has been helping companies build their digital expertise for the past century. Our integrated portfolio of hardware and software links all parts of the value chain from product inception through production and performance. Now is the right time to start – become a digital enterprise and stay ahead of your competition. Visit us at PACK EXPO Connects to experience our:

  • End-to-end digital value chain, from the engineering product design to the integration of machinery in production, and gaining insights from machine and product performance
  • Innovative automation solutions for packaging machines and machine concepts for speed, efficiency, quality, and flexibility
  • Cutting-edge tools for machine builders and manufacturing companies

Comprehensive range of products and services

Automation Hardware and Software

Siemens serves machine builders and end-users with a wide range of solutions for the packaging industry. With an extensive best-in-class technology such as variable speed drives, servomotors, gear motors, motion controllers, HMI products and PLCs, combined with years of experience and technical expertise in the packaging industry, Siemens is capable of providing complete totally integrated automation solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Packaging Line Solutions

With our Optimized Packaging Line (OPL) methodology, we take the overall application into consideration by using a comprehensive approach to automating packaging lines. This approach eliminates unnecessary cost by using standards and software blocks, which translates into savings for our customers. Combined with an array of industrial communication options, including PROFINET and EtherNet/IP, as well as integrated safety, it's easy to see how our customers can effortlessly and safely integrate Siemens solutions into existing packaging systems or plan and design a completely new system in the most cost-effective manner.

Digital Enterprise

Our Digital Enterprise Solutions are unmatched in the industry, and help our customers to reduce time to market and improve productivity. The Digital Enterprise enables companies of every sector to integrate and digitalize their business processes. Siemens’ holistic approach comprises offerings for product design, production planning or process and plant design, and production engineering or engineering and commissioning.


Our sustainability initiatives are an essential aspect of successfully implementing the Siemens Strategy Program Vision 2020+. Our understanding of sustainability is fully based on our company values – responsible, excellent, innovative. At Siemens, we define sustainable development as the means to achieve profitable and long-term growth. In doing so, we, externally, align ourselves with the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development while, internally, striving to balance people, environment and profit.


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Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Beverage > Beer
  • Beverage > Coffee
  • Beverage > Dairy
  • Beverage > Drinks, nonalcoholic (energy, sport, etc.)
  • Beverage > Juice
  • Beverage > Powdered beverages
  • Beverage > Soft drinks
  • Beverage > Spirits/liquors
  • Beverage > Tea
  • Beverage > Water
  • Beverage > Wine
  • Food > Bakery/Snack
  • Food > Cereals, Breakfast Foods
  • Food > Confection/Candy
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Grains, Seeds, Beans, Flour, Nuts
  • Food > Ingredients
  • Food > Meat/Poultry/Seafood
  • Food > Prepared Foods
  • Healthcare > Pharmaceutical
  • Household/Automotive > Tissues and paper towels
  • Other packaged products > Chemical
  • Other packaged products > Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Other packaged products > Paper/Printing
  • Other packaged products > Textiles/Apparel/Footwear
  • Other packaged products > Tobacco/Smoking Products
  • Other packaged products > Warehouse Distribution/e-commerce

Languages Spoken

English, German

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