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About Ossid

Ossid, a ProMach brand is committed to providing our customers with a superior line of tray packaging, weigh/labeling, and form/fill/seal machinery to fully meet your needs. Our tray packaging solutions span from leak-proof tray sealing to stretch and shrink wrapping for case-ready meats. Our weighing/labeling solutions showcase our Weigh Price Labeler, one of the most flexible in the industry. Our form/fill/seal solutions range from compact machines to large custom solutions to meet any customer needs. We also provide one of the most complete customer service programs available in the industry including the service personnel, parts and training necessary to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. You can count on Ossid to still be working hard for you long after you purchase your first Ossid machine.

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Ossid’s tray overwrapping/lidding and vacuum skin packaging (VSP) equipment helps customers meet their sustainability goals.

Did you know that Ossid builds packaging machines that can lessen your packaging waste, while also reducing your carbon footprint?

As consumers today are demanding their brands of choice be more responsible and better stewards of the environment, we understand that this extends to packaging as well. To achieve this commitment, Ossid works closely with its customers to provide packaging systems that accomplish their sustainability goals. Some of the more recent trends of sustainable packaging include the demand for ready meal convenience, food safety, less product waste and recyclable trays.

Ossid’s Tray Overwrapping product line contains our state-of-the-art gripper chain technology, which reduces waste and excess film by 5-10% when compared with other tray overwrappers on the market. The 500Si can run a multitude of tray sizes and types, including eco-friendly options, with ease.

The Reepack ReeEco, a Fully Automatic Tray Sealer, does not require compressed air. All of Reepack’s automatic tray sealer machines operate using only electricity (excluding any pneumatic support). A number of Reepack's tray sealers are capable of running products on Vacuum Skin on Board packaging. This application type uses 70-80% less plastic than a standard #3 tray, and the cardboard itself is recyclable or compostable.

Both Ossid and Reepack focus on developing machines with a small footprint to help save customers space on their facility floors. These features, along with many others, allow Ossid to help its customers to work on achieving their sustainability goals with their target audiences.

To learn more about how Ossid can help you achieve a higher level of sustainability within your packaging, visit our virtual showroom at PE.Show/182 or by visiting https://www.ossid.com/.

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