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About Igus

For more than 50 years, igus® has been manufacturing “motion plastics” solutions for dynamic applications across all industries. Our lines of cable carriers, continuous-flex cables, self-lubricating bearings, and linear systems all utilize proprietary plastic materials and are extensively tested at what may be the world’s largest components test lab at our headquarters in Cologne, Germany. With thousands of products available from stock, a worldwide team of friendly and experienced product experts, and range of available samples and online tools mean that igus customers have come to expect not only the highest quality products, but service as well.

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igus® is committed to providing sustainable industrial solutions that reduce pollution and waste. Our engineered composite plastic bearing materials are self-lubricating, which means oil and grease are not required. Eliminating external lubricants is crucial for promoting sustainability, as 50 percent of all lubricants sold worldwide end up in the environment. Our plastic bearings are also lightweight and tribologically optimized to reduce friction and the amount of energy/fuel needed for movement. Plus, 99 percent of our plastic waste is recycled back into our production process. For more information on our efforts to preserve the environment, please visit


  • chainflex®
  • drylin®
  • e-chains®
  • iglide®

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