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About Triangle Package Machinery Co.

Looking to improve production and efficiency? Our packaging solutions can help you do just that. As one of the first companies in the world to manufacture vertical form fill seal baggers, Triangle helped set an unparalleled standard of excellence for the industry. Our core solutions include:

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (vffs) baggers;
  • Combination weighers;
  • Cartoning/bag in box systems;
  • Tray loaders/Depositors; and
  • Automated filling/sealing systems for pre-made pouches.

We have more than 96 years of experience in a variety of markets, including produce, fresh or frozen poultry, cereal, cheese, nuts and snacks, IQF specialty items, powders and baking mixes, and more.

For liquid and semi liquid fill applications, check out our new Model XYT-LF vffs bagger. This bagging machine combines servo filling with squeegee staging for better precision and flexibility, offers superior sanitation, and requires no film contract!

Would you like to improve production without adding additional floor space? Model CSB, Compact Sanitary Bagger, packs a lot of innovation in a small footprint. With a narrow frame width of only 36”, Model CSB can run bags as wide as 13”. For maximum benefits, two Compact Baggers can be installed as a dual bagging system, sharing the same scale. It also boasts superior sanitation benefits and is designed to be cleaned in place.

Looking to run multiple package styles on the same machine? Our quick and easy changeover features allow users to switch film structures, bag sizes and styles in just minutes. Whether your application requires pillow, flat bottom bags, Stand-Up Pouches (SUP), Doy bags, gusseted bags, zippered bags, 3-sided seal or pre-made pouches, you can count on Triangle to deliver a trusted, cost-efficient solution to any of your package needs. Triangle’s packaging solutions offer quick and easy changeover, state of the art sanitation, and innovative technology to help you improve production and OEE.

Since its founding in 1923, Triangle has applied state-of-the-art innovation to help our customers become more competitive. Today, the family’s third generation carries on that tradition with superior engineering, a world-class manufacturing facility, and a customer support attitude that is second-to-none.

Let us help you improve production and efficiency. View our product gallery, register for a live demo, or send us an email to schedule a meeting.

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  • Delta VFFS Bagger
  • Flex 1 Cartoner - Bag in Box System
  • Model CSB Compact Sanitary Bagger
  • X-Series VFFS Baggers

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Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Food > Bakery/Snack
  • Food > Cereals, Breakfast Foods
  • Food > Confection/Candy
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Frozen/refrigerated foods
  • Food > Fruits, Vegetables (Fresh, Canned, Frozen)
  • Food > Grains, Seeds, Beans, Flour, Nuts
  • Food > Ingredients
  • Food > Meat/Poultry/Seafood
  • Food > Nutraceutical, Vitamin, Dietary Supplement
  • Food > Pet Food/Pet Care
  • Food > Prepared Foods
  • Food > Soups/Condiments/Sauces/Spices/Dips/Dressings

Languages Spoken

English, French, Polish, Spanish

Export Guide

Exports: Yes

International Business: Agents/Distributors,Direct Sales

Marketed Regions:

  • Eastern Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe

Marketed Countries:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States

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