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About Graphic Packaging International

Looking to automate your packaging lines or increase your productivity? Maybe you are interested in exploring sustainable packaging solutions? Graphic Packaging International (GPI) can help you accomplish these goals!  

GPI designs state-of-the-art machinery systems that will automate your packaging lines and increase your productivity. We are ready to offer you sustainable paperboard solutions like KeelClip™, PaperSeal®, ecotainer™, ProducePack™ or Z-Flute™.  As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of folding cartons, paperboard, foodservice packaging, microwave cooking solutions, and packaging machinery, we have much to offer. Our packaging machinery solutions include cartoners, wrap machines, clip systems, carton formers, pick and place machines and more. The world’s leading beverage and consumer brands are drawn to our commitment and mission of providing paper-based packaging made from renewable resources and machinery expertise to improve efficiency.

We’re excited to demo our KeelClip™1600 – High-speed beverage packaging system that applies our award-winning paperboard KeelClip™ solution which replaces traditional plastic rings and shrink film. We also will be showcasing two alternatives to single-use plastic.

  • PaperSeal® our new line of trays that offer brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high barrier, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum-Sealed Packaging (VSP) plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative.
  • KeelClip™ a paperboard clip for cans that provides an alternative to plastic rings and films, along with a wide range of paperboard multipack options.

We encourage you to check out our virtual showroom. There you can register for our live demos, chat with us and bring us your machinery and packaging questions. Our experts welcome the opportunity to understand your situation and provide useful solutions to your unique packaging needs. Let us show you how inspired packaging can make a world of difference for you.

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Our product portfolio emphasizes renewable and recycled materials. We utilize essentially all the wood that comes into our virgin paperboard mills, either to manufacture paperboard or to produce power through biomass. At our coated unbleached kraft (CUK) and solid bleached sulfate (SBS) mills, we generate most of our electricity from renewable energy sources and send excess energy (where available) back to the local power grid. Virtually all our paperboard products are recyclable, and for those that aren’t widely accepted, we make great efforts to collaborate with external stakeholders — including our customers and suppliers — to find innovative solutions to recapture the valuable fiber to make new products.

We are witnessing unparalleled changes in our industry and on our planet. We understand that consumers are more frequently insisting that products — and the packaging that protects them — come from a company they trust and reflects their values.

Graphic Packaging has taken bold actions to advance our sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, including meeting ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy and responsibly utilize water. While we are proud of our progress, we continue to strive toward more ambitious goals as outlined in our Sustainability Vision 2025.   https://www.graphicpkg.com/sustainability

We are proud to offer these sustainable packaging solutions.

ecotainer™ Packaging - A commercially compostable* foodservice cup and food packaging solution made from fully renewable resources. 

IntegraFlex™ incorporates the best features of both a folding carton and flexible package in a cost effective and more efficient solution that provides a better on-the-go consumer experience.

IntegraFlute™ is the answer for when you need a durable, right-sized package that safely delivers your product with more aesthetic appeal than your average brown box.

KeelClip™ Beverage Can Clips - A paperboard clip that replaces plastic rings & shrink wrap, & offers branding benefits other similar packaging can’t.

PaperSeal® Barrier-Lined Paper Trays - Paperboard trays that can replace modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging (VSP) plastic trays.

ProducePack™ is a line of paper-based packaging that offers a variety of sustainable, shelf-ready solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Z-Flute™ Strength Packaging - Self-palletizing laminated folding cartons engineered with strategic lamination resulting in extra compression strength.

*Compostable in most commercial composting facilities – please check with your local municipality for acceptance or visit findacomposter.com to find a composting facility in North America.


  • AutoMAXX™
  • KeelClip™1600
  • Marksman™X5
  • PaperSeal®
  • QuikFlex™400

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