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About Serac Inc

Serac specializes in the design and manufacture of liquid filling and capping machines as well as blow molding equipment. As an innovator and leading manufacturer of liquid filling and capping machines for all types of food products, beverages, home/personal care products and industrial products, Serac is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your packaging filling needs. • Filling & Capping – Including: Semi-automatic electronic net weight filling & capping machines and a variety of rotary machines. • Filling & Sealing – small to large run options • Packaging Manufacturing – PET Blow Molding machines • Multifunction Block - “All-in-One” Combox option to “Blow-Fill-Cap” a variety of products. The most recent addition to our product line is the BluStream Dry Cap Sterilization Module. BluStream® is a low-energy e-beam treatment carried out at room temperature. The E-beam is a physical, dry treatment which uses a beam of electrons that are thrown over the surface of the product to sterilize. Electrons quickly destroy microorganisms by breaking their DNA chains. The beams do not penetrate the treated material and do not affect the internal structure of the cap. The wide variety of machines developed by Serac allows us to find a solution for your filling, capping and blow molding needs. Serac manufactured and supports its machines and customer service at our US headquarters in the Midwest. We also have manufacturing and support facilities in France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Spain and the UK.

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BluStream®: continuous cap sterilization in a compact module

Compared to chemical sterilization solutions, the BluStream® cap sterilization module is highly compact.  It occupies only 3 square meters of floorspace.  It allows continuous decontamination of 6-log inside the cap and 3-log outside the cap, with an output up to 900 units per minute.

This module can be integrated on all ESL and aseptic bottling lines. It can be used by any manufacturer that would like to better control their cap sterilization and promote environmentally responsible production methods.

BluStream®: perfectly controlled sterilization with reduced environmental impact

BluStream® technology uses a much simpler process which makes sterilization easier to monitor.

The e-beam treatment only depends on 3 critical parameters which are easy to control voltage, current intensity and exposure time. By comparison, H2O2 sterilization depends on 7 critical parameters; output, temperature and time for hot air, output, temperature, concentration and time for hydrogen peroxide.

Bacteriological reduction is ensured as soon as the cap has been exposed to the recommended dose of electrons. This dose is administered via perfectly controllable parameters and can be monitored in real-time using a simple dosimetry test. Sterilization is confirmed in real-time, which is not possible with chemical laboratory tests. Products can be released and shipped quickly, which will reduce the stock.

BluStream® also brings environmental benefits that will lower the environmental footprint. It doesn’t require water, heating or steam. By eliminating these requirements, it consumes little energy and does not generate toxic waste.

BluStream®: fast and highly efficient sterilization, without the use of chemicals and high temperatures

Chemical sterilization of caps can be an issue.  It often employs work at high temperatures that can distort the cap. To eliminate these issues, Serac now offers an alternative to chemical sterilization. Serac’s new BluStream® cap sterilization technology, offers fast and highly efficient sterilization without the use of chemicals and high temperatures.

BluStream® is a low-energy e-beam treatment that can be administered at room temperature.  It’s capable of ensuring a 6-log bacteriological reduction in 1 second without any chemicals.  This module is intended for use on bottling lines of non-refrigerated and ESL 90 day beverages. e-beam is a physical dry treatment. To sterilize the surface, e-beam dispenses a beam of electrons over the surface of the product.  The electrons quickly destroy the microorganisms by breaking their DNA chains.

BluStream® offers manufacturers a perfectly safe, real-time monitored and environmentally friendly solution.  The BluStream® technology can be integrated on new Serac lines as well as existing machines, whatever their OEM.

Serac’s BluStream® module stands out in the aseptic packaging market.  It uses low-energy electron beams which do not penetrate the treated material and it will not affect the internal structure of the cap.

The BluStream® treatment is highly efficient.  It ensures a 6-log bacteriological reduction in only 0.3 to 0.5 seconds per side. It is this efficiency level that allows it to be used in aseptic packaging.

Unlike APA and H2O2 solutions, BluStream® does not use any chemicals and does not require high temperatures. This allows it to avoid any chemical residue and any distortion of the caps.

For all ESL and ambient stored products packed in bottles

The BluStream® technology can be applied on any kind of cap HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP or aluminum and any bottle size. This technology is used for high-acid products such as fruit juices as well as low-acid products such as teas, UHT milks, milk-based drinks and milk substitutes.


  • BluStream (Cap Sterilization Technology)
  • COMBOX SAS (Aseptic)
  • Linea (Filling & Sealing)
  • RB Technology
  • SBL Serac Blow Molder

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