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About Multifeeder Technology, Inc.

Multifeeder Technology - A worldwide leader in Automation Solutions for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Labeling, Print, and Packaging industries. We provide high performance friction feeding, labeling, and integrated system solutions. Multifeeder offers Hygienic Washdown and Washdown products. Our Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeders 300 and 600, and the Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300 are built to meet the most rigorous environmental demands for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cannabis, Labeling, Print and Packaging industries. With state-of-the-art control technology and robust mechanics, our products feed more quickly and accurately to provide customers with a greater value of return. All feeders, labelers and accessories can easily be integrated with other machines to provide a total system solution for any application. Call us today to discuss your project requirements!

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Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Beverage > Beer
  • Beverage > Dairy
  • Beverage > Drinks, nonalcoholic (energy, sport, etc.)
  • Beverage > Juice
  • Beverage > Spirits/liquors
  • Beverage > Wine
  • Food > Bakery/Snack
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Frozen/refrigerated foods
  • Food > Meat/Poultry/Seafood
  • Food > Nutraceutical, Vitamin, Dietary Supplement
  • Food > Prepared Foods
  • Healthcare > Biological/Biopharmaceutical
  • Healthcare > Cannabis products
  • Healthcare > Medical Devices
  • Healthcare > Pharmaceutical
  • Other packaged products > Cannabis products
  • Other packaged products > Chemical
  • Other packaged products > Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Other packaged products > Paper/Printing
  • Other packaged products > Pet Food/Pet Care
  • Other packaged products > Tobacco/Smoking Products

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International Business: Direct Sales

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